Review Notes

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  • The site content is all sample content at this point and nothing is cast in stone. Feel free to give feedback via Frank B.
  • Photos are also sample photos and we can curate some better photo content prior to planned launch of the website in February.
  • Menu items can be added to , deleted from and rearranged.
  • Feedback on the menu and colour scheme are warmly welcomed.
  • The club logo image which I have used may need a little bit of tweaking.

The authoring system is very straightforward to use and I can train in the website contributors on how to add news items, add content to event diary, info pages, etc.

Also, the website URL at the moment is just a test one,

Don’t judge the speed of the site on the current web hosting. It will speed up considerably when hosted on a professional hosting site.

The URL to be chosen might be, ,,,

A dot-IE domain could also be acquired, if preferred.


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