Claremorris Swimming Club 50th Anniversary Book

As you may be aware Claremorris Swim Club is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary this year. With this in mind, we have a very ambitious plan and need your help!

In October 2018 we submitted the presentation below to Swim Ireland.

This presentation helped us win Regional club of the year but it just scratches at the surface of a fantastic and impressive history that the club has achieved over the years.

This has given us the idea of an 50th Anniversary book, to tell the story of our club over the last 50 years.

This is where you come in; if you swam in the mermaid pool, swam for your country, won a medal, you coached, or swam as a master, volunteered as an official, teacher, coach, committee member, or a swim mum or dad who never left the road and know the whereabouts of every pool in Ireland. Played Water polo, sea and lake swimming, we also had a synchronised swim team who preformed at the opening of the first pool on the present site, so many memories. We would love to hear your story, memory, achievement, or trip away.

Don’t put it off or you will miss your opportunity to be in the book, please go through your old photos, medals, and anything you would like to share, suitable photos only, i.e. recent photos swimmers must be clothed (t-shirt).

Also if you share this post with anyone you think would like to contribute home and away.

A few pointers:

  1. Title and give a year for your page, as all stories will be sorted by decade.
  2. Scan photos. Must be scanned as Hi-Def/High Quality as possible. Please include photo title, date/year and name subjects.
  3. Ask someone to proof read your story if possible.
  4. Email your page to
  5. Closing date for submissions 30th April 2019.
  6. A selection panel will review all material submitted with the publisher.

Please dig in the attic, scrapbooks and photo albums. Help make this dream a reality, looking forward to hearing from you all!

Regards – The 50th Anniversary Committee.

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