Anti-Doping – Changes to the WADA Prohibited List 2019

As a follow up to the Anti-Doping session delivered as part of the Regional Squad Programme last season, please find attached information on the changes to the WADA prohibited list for 2019:

    1. UKAD Guide for Athletes
    2. UKAD Guide for Athlete Support Personnel
    3. WADA Summary of Major Modifications

A reminder to everyone that compliance with Anti-Doping regulations is each athlete’s responsibility and that you may be subject to testing at all National and International Meets.

Athletes must check all medications on for the Republic of Ireland and for Northern Ireland and UK. If athletes purchase medications abroad they must check the medication in the country where they have purchased it. 

Also attached is the Sport Ireland Supplement infographic.  Swim Ireland operate a Food First Policy and recommend that athletes under 18 years should not be using Sports Supplements.  Supplements should only be used under the guidance of a registered Sports Nutritionists and remember to assess the need, assess the risk, and assess the consequences before deciding to use supplements – athletes are responsible for what they consume.

If you are not sure about something, please contact Niamh Mc Donnell and they will help you find the answer.

Andrew Reid – National Performance Pathway Manager

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