Gerry Ryan Gala 2019 [Revised Conditions]

This is a Long Course Gala and the First Qualifier for Division One and Division Two.

Disregard the last meet conditions outlined in an earlier post for the Gerry Ryan Gala.
This is and extract from the email from Limerick SC with the details on what conditions have changed.

As a result of our consultation with Swim Ireland on the discrepancy between the three regions’ formats for the galas on the weekend of Jan 18th, 2019, we have now been able to make adjustments to our format which we believe should benefit the majority of swimmers.

The key changes we have made are:
  • Increased the age groups to include 16, 17 and 18+
  • Opened the 800 and 1500 front crawl events to all male and female age groups (subject to a limit on the number of heats we can run)
  • Extended the deadline for entries until January 4th, 2019
  • Eliminated the Open category
Thank you all for your patience while these changes were being made and sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused, but hopefully it will have been worth it for our swimmers.
For those clubs who have already submitted entries, I will be in touch with you directly to review any changes required.
Entries will be taken this Friday evening 21st and Sunday morning by Pauline.
The Hytek will be CLOSED DOWN on Monday 24th for the week.

Entries are €7 per event.

Coaches will select Cannon Ball Relay team at the meet.

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